What is it?

SWEAT FEST = Sports Festival of the City
SWEAT FEST is realized by the SWEATers App, which collects all the information about sports on a single and easily accessible platform. So that’s us!
SWEAT FEST will last 2 days with a full program. What's going on this year?
SWEAT FEST is in the center of Istanbul and includes jogging, fitness, dance, boxing, cycling, yoga, mind & body, wall climbing, sports health, healthy eating and drinking points, sports stores, interviews with experts, seminars, workshops for children and concerts, all together in one place. It’s just right for you! At the festival, we bring together sports and entertainment—we are absolutely confident that the rate of endorphins at Tersane Istanbul will be high. Whether you live sports as a lifestyle or you are after a bit of motivation to pursue it more, we will be together on 5-6 May. Don't miss the city's first and only sports festival!


It’s time for Sweat Point. You can earn Sweat Points from your C’mon’s, once you participate in our events—we launched this feature at the Sweat Fest. You can turn these points into gifts.

To summarize:
You participate in Let’s Go’s = You earn Sweat Points
Many C’mon’s = Many Sweat Points
Many Sweat Points = Big gifts

SWEATer sweat together!

minutes sports were done!

steps taken!

litres of water was drunk!

SWEAT Points were gathered!


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2:20 PM
Event registration & Breakfast

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09:00 PM
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09:00 PM
"Intelligent Home" service promo

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3:20 PM
Getting to know the tech

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05:00 PM
E-commerce for events

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09:00 PM
Entry party

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01:00 PM
Intelligent house cleaning

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05:00 PM
"Event Marketing" book presentation

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10:00 PM
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04:00 PM
Living in a cruel world

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09:00 PM
Final conference

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12:00 PM
VIP Afterparty

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